Behind the scenes: Berry Late!

Going, going, gone! Berry Late! joins our limited edition release list for 2023 and broke the record as our fastest selling watch, coming in at around 18 minutes.

The design set a new milestone by becoming our first watch to launch with 200 pieces, and also including a secret message that appears every hour…

This rebellious watch was designed by London-based artist, Ana Dias who was influenced by her love of writing and playing with words. 

Berry Late! comes with a sweet twist that embodies our brand to a ‘T’ as we’re all about having fun with time and looking at it differently. This watch takes it to the next level… 

For most of the day, you’ll look down at the design and see Ana’s signature illustrated strawberries, clouds, and a mix of child-like lettering that cannot be decoded.

But at every hour, the letters unscramble to read “Fuck it! Time is just a social construct”, adding a touch of humour and irony to our perception of time.

Ana recently visited our London workshop in Camberwell to see her finished design for the first time, and she even got to pick up a shift with our Head of Printing, Ellen, who showed her how to spray the dials and how to use one of our PAD printers!  

Here is what Ana has to say her design: 

"Berry Late! is very much an embodiment of who I am (not the being late part because I’m always on time!)

"The watch combines my love of writing and playing with words coupled with a sense of irony and the absurd.

"The face draws us in with a combination of bright colours and childlike lettering, which seduce us with their sweetness.

"At the same time it pushes back against this saccharine world with the violence of the language and the absurdity of the message.

"It’s an angel with a dirty face, it's pastel punk." 

Our team worked extremely hard to produce all 200 pieces ready for the release, essentially doubling their workload as we usually only release 100 for our limited edition watches.

The printing process for Berry Late! is one to be admired, all 200 dials were hand-airbrushed to create the gradient design. 

The clouds on the glass were carefully printed with translucent ink to achieve the illusion of being able to see through the clouds. 

We had an absolute blast creating this watch… Did you manage to grab one? Or were you Berry Late!? 

If you missed it, you can sign up to the waiting list here

If you’re on cloud nine awaiting your watch, make sure to tag us in any pics on social media when it arrives! @mrjoneswatches

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