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When will my order be dispatched?

We aim to dispatch all watch orders within 2-3 working days, where this isn't possible, we will try to inform you via email.

When your order is dispatched your tracking details will be updated.

Please allow extra processing time for watches with a customised engraving or strap, during busy sales periods this can sometimes take an extra 5-10 working days.

If you are in a hurry for your watch, please email us.


I’m an international customer, will my watch be safe in transit?

Yes, all of our watches are sent in protective cardboard boxes that fit snugly around the watch packaging and are tough enough to withstand transportation.

All of our shipping options are fully insured so if the watch suffers damage in transit or does not arrive then we will replace it free of charge.


Can you ship my order to a different country from the one in which I live?

Possibly, it depends on the circumstances - please email us with the details of your order and where you’d like it sent to.


How long will delivery take?

Fedex Priority (used for all watches) usually takes 2 to 4 working days.

Royal Mail/USPS service is used for watch bands and t-shirts purchased separately to a watch, this usually takes 5 to 7 working days.

All shipping options are fully insured, when your order is dispatched you will be emailed the tracking details. FedEx deliveries are trackable on the FedEx website.

Please note that the transit times are the guide provided by Royal Mail or FedEx. Items may be subject to delays for customs processing procedures which are outside of our control and may result in longer delivery times.

If your watch is taking longer than expected to arrive, please contact us.


How much does delivery cost?

All shipping is free to the US and Canada.

Watch shipping is $13 to Mexico.


Can I specify a delivery date?

We cannot guarantee a delivery date, however if you need us to delay sending your watch, please leave a note in the comments box of your order.


How do I track my delivery?

When your watch order is fulfilled you will receive an email with your tracking number. You can track this with Fedex.


Do I need to sign for the delivery?

No, however all of our watches are sent on a tracked service.


Can I amend my personal details?

Yes, please contact us immediately. You can contact us with your order number and details by phone +44 (0)207 401 3636 or by email.

Unfortunately we cannot amend any order / delivery details once an order has been shipped.




How can I pay for purchases?

You can use any of the payment types listed to pay for your order: Paypal, ApplePay, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit and credit cards.

We take fraud very seriously, so debit and credit card holders are subject to validation and authorisation.


If I add a watch to my cart, is it reserved?

Unfortunately, adding items to your cart does not automatically reserve them.

If you are planning to purchase a new limited edition watch, or during a busy sale period, we recommend creating an account to speed up the checkout process.

Creating an account allows you to input your email and shipping address, so you'll just need to log in when you're ready to make your purchase.

You can create an account here.


My payment has been declined

Please check your details, in particular you need to ensure that your delivery address matches the address held by your bank or payment provider and that you have sufficient cleared funds to cover your order.

If everything is correct then you will need to contact your payment provider to see why the payment has been declined (we don’t receive any information about declined transactions).


I have a promotional code, how do I use it?

When you reach the checkout, below your product(s) you’ll see a box stating: ‘gift card or discount code’ you’ll need to enter your promotional code here.


Do you offer gift wrapping?

We offer complementary gift wrapping at Christmas only (through December).


I would like to try on the watch before I buy it, where can I do this?

Unfortunately we no longer sell to stockists, so this is only possible in our London based store. 



Can I buy an extra band for my watch?

Yes, our straps are priced from $25 plus postage. See our full range of watch bands here.

Our medium / unisex watch bands are 18mm.

Our small / ladies watch bands are 12mm.

Our XL watches are 22mm bands.


How do I change the watch band?

We made an instructional video that you can see here.

You will need a standard spring bar tool. We offer these with our watch straps or alternatively these are widely available online.


My wrists are smaller / larger than the strap diameter

Smaller and larger bands are usually available on request, although there may be a delay if we need to order in a special strap for you. Please email us to arrange this.


I like a watch but would prefer a different strap?

Click the 'customize your watch' button on the product page or leave a note in the ‘comments’ box of your order stating the name of the strap from our collection that you would like us to fit to your watch. We will do this free of charge at the time of order.


Can you customize the watch design?

You can customize the strap on all of our watches (click the 'customize' button on the product page to do this).

You can also choose a unique date or message to be printed on to the hands of the ‘Everyday Special’ watch.

We cannot make changes to individual watch designs, but we can sometimes swap cases if you prefer a black case rather than a silver case for example. Please send us an email to see if what you want is possible.


Can you add an engraving to the watch?

Yes! For $13 we can add an engraving to the case back of your Mr Jones watch. Please contact us to arrange this.


How often does the battery need replacing in my watch?

Watch batteries should typically last around two years and they can be replaced at any local watch repair store (all of our watches use standard batteries).


Can I replace the battery myself?

Not really, you need special tools to open the case without damaging it and also to close the case after you’ve replaced the battery.


What is an automatic movement?

An automatic movement means that your watch does not contain a battery, instead, the everyday movements of your wrist are converted into power for the mechanism.

If you don’t wear your watch for a while (around 24 hours) then the movement will run out of power and your watch will stop. If this happens then you can manually wind your watch to get it started (see below) or just wear it to get it running again.


How do I manually wind my automatic watch?

Turn the winding crown on the side of the watch clockwise 20-30 times (you should feel some resistance). Manually winding is meant to just kick start the movement, after that the rota is doing the automatic winding while you wear it.


How long should the charge last on my automatic watch?

The charge should last at least 24 hours of inactivity. If you wear your watch daily, you should not need to re-set the time.

However if you don't move much throughout the day (i.e. working at a desk all day), you may find you need to manually wind your watch more frequently.


Servicing automatic movements

Mechanical watch movements do not require batteries, however, you need to have your watch serviced regularly by a watchmaker to clean and re-oil the movement.

We recommend having your watch serviced every three to four years depending on how frequently you wear it. To arrange a service, please contact us by email.



Where can I get my watch battery replaced?

All of our quartz watches use standard batteries that can be replaced easily by most jewellers worldwide.

We don’t recommend posting your watch back to us for a battery replacement, as it is often more cost effective to get the battery replaced elsewhere. However, if this is the most convenient option for you then please email us to arrange this.


Can you repair other watches? (not from Mr Jones Watches)

No, we are a very small team so it is not possible for us to repair watches that are not made by us.


My Mr Jones watch isn’t working correctly, what should I do?

Please email us with a detailed description of the problem with your watch, as well as your order number and a copy of your receipt if possible.


I have damaged my Mr Jones watch, can you repair it?

Yes, for a quote please email us with a detailed description of the problem with your watch.

Most out of warranty repairs are under £30 (we just make a small charge to cover parts and time - we’d much rather your watch was running correctly so you can wear it!)


My watch band is worn out, can you replace it?

Yes, you can order a replacement band directly from us which you can fit yourself, following this video.


How long do repairs take?

Repairs can take up to six weeks depending on the problem with your watch, however most are completed within 10 working days. We will keep you updated with the status of the repair.


My watch is no longer in warranty. How much do repairs cost?

It depends on the nature of the problem, but we will always let you know the cost before beginning any work.

Most repairs are under £30 (we just make a small charge to cover parts and time - we’d much rather your watch was running correctly so you can wear it!)


Returns and exchanges

How long do I have to return a watch?

To return for a full refund, you have 30 days if purchased online. After this time we can offer an exchange if your watch hasn’t been worn.

If you have bought your watch in-store, we can offer an exchange or store credit only. This is because you’ve seen the watch in person and had the opportunity to try it on.

We do not cover shipping costs for unwanted items from outside the UK.

Please note: personalised case-back engraving is non-refundable (you can still return or exchange your watch, but the engraving price will be deducted from the refund or exchange value).


Can I return or exchange my t-shirt?

We recommend checking the measurements of our t-shirts on our size guide before placing your order, you can also check them here

If your t-shirt is faulty, we can offer an exchange or a refund. In this circumstance, please email us within 30 days of placing your order, with a photograph of the problem, as well as your order number.


I've bought a Mr Jones Watch from another website, can I return it here?

No, please contact the store you purchased your watch from to arrange repairs / refunds or exchanges.


I would like to exchange my watch for a different model, can I do this?

If your watch has not been worn and was bought directly from us, yes.

However fastening the watch will cause damage to the leather, so if this is the case with your watch, we may charge you $25 for the watch band (alternatively we can put the worn strap on the exchanged watch for free).


How do I return my watch?

Please see return instructions here.


Is there a charge for returning a watch?

No, we do not charge you for returning a product, however we do not cover shipping costs for unwanted items from outside the UK.


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