Behind the scenes: Creating Far Out

We have recently worked with our Senior Print Technician Paul on our latest limited edition design, Far Out.

On its release day, Far Out became our fastest selling limited edition watch to date with 100 pieces selling out in just under three hours.

Far Out Watch

Paul has previously designed Wanderlust and Vertigo for Mr Jones Watches but this time he wanted to create a design which reflected his fascination with space. 

Far out was inspired by the Perseverance rover that recently landed on Mars, and the footage it has been sending back to earth.

Paul's inspiration behind Far Out

When asking Paul about his thought process behind Far Out he said: “It’s pretty mind blowing that humans have managed to put a car sized robot on Mars and that's able to send these beautiful digital landscape images back to us".

Paul created an artistic interpretation of the colours and textures that exist on the surface on Mars. To achieve this, he mixed the colours for the design by hand and sprayed the discs to create the illusion of Mars rocky surface. 

The hour and minutes are determined by the two moons on Mars. Phobos (the larger moon) was printed first which shows the minutes, followed by Deimos (the smaller moon) which shows the hour. 

Far Out Components 

When all the components were printed, our assembly team worked hard to assemble 100 limited edition pieces of Far Out.

Assembling Far Out

Paul even took elements of the design on to the box, with a cool Mars inspired print which matches the design of the watch. Far Out box

Did you manage to get your hands on Far Out? If you missed the chance you can sign up to our waiting list here. 

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