Behind the Scenes: Khaosify

A couple of weeks ago we released our first limited-edition watch of the year - and boy, was it a good one!

If you haven’t heard about this release - well… where have you been? 

We’re all familiar with the term ‘organised chaos’, but Khaosify takes this to a whole new level. At first glance, you might see a jumble of shapes and colours, but if you know where to look - it all makes perfect sense. 

You can read the time by spying the white characters in the crowd. The funky, arrow-headed character points to the hour, while the peaceful bird marks the minutes. The mysterious, all-seeing eye rolls judiciously, keeping track of the pandemonium as the seconds tick by. 


Creative illustrator and artist, Mister Phil, spent months perfecting this dynamic and intricate watch design for us, which is completely understandable when you consider that his usual work consists of large scale murals, installations, vehicle wraps, giant guitars - and much more!

He said: “There’s always ordered chaos in my work, the lively, disruptive characters are usually held together by a sense of logic, albeit one that’s not obvious at first glance.

“So finding characters and shapes adorning a watch face seems quite fitting - everything is confined by a circular shape and the rules of timekeeping.”


Mister Phil has worked with clients such as Fender, Unity, Tumblr, CIROC Vodka, Vitaminwater and The National Gallery to name a few. You can check out all of his amazing work here!

Thanks to Mister Phil’s painstaking design process, Khaosify only went through a couple of rounds of sampling with our print team (this guy knows what he’s doing!) 

Round one experimented with the colour of the dials, but landed on Mister Phil’s original pantone references, a vibrant hot-pink against baby blues and daisy yellows; a lively cluster of colour which allowed the white, time-telling elements to stand out. 


We wanted every hand, foot and wing to be visible to you at some point during the day, so in round two we tried balancing the different elements between the minute and hour discs. 

Once settled on a final design, Mister Phil made his way up from his studio in Brighton to see how our team put his chaotic masterpiece together.

He even had a go at printing some himself (watch out print team)!

Now… this release was a little different from our usual releases.

After taking your feedback, we decided rather than make a set amount of watches, we wanted to make this watch available for a full twelve hours and produce the amount sold within this period. Did you manage to get your hands on one?

All in all, we are super pleased with our first limited edition release of 2024, and we hope you are too! Here’s to many more - keep your Khaosif-eyes peeled! (Sorry, that was bad).


If you managed to get your hands on Khaosify, tag us in your photos on social media @mrjoneswatches

Didn’t hear about our release window in time? You can sign up for our waiting list here to get a heads up if Khaosify joins our permanent collection. 

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