Behind the scenes: Mispoes!

Jun 9, 2023

June has brought us our third limited edition watch of the year: enter, Mispoes! This watch certainly got us all in a spin with the design featuring an endless chase between a cat and mouse.

It seems that everyone fell in love with this feline inspired watch as all 200 pieces were snatched up within 33 minutes, making Mispoes! one of our fastest selling watches to date. 

The playful design was created for us by Belgian Art Student Kaat Deceuninck, whose inspiration came from watching her own cat play in the garden for hours on end.

Kaat explains the inspiration for her design: 

“I often find myself spending time watching my cat play with his toys or even with the mice he catches.

“Although it’s really engrossing to watch, afterwards I always feel like I wasted all that time.

“When I got the assignment to create a watch design I wanted to tell a story that is relatable and easy to understand.

“To see the world through the cat’s eyes means we can understand that no time is ever really wasted - we just need to be more like the cat and fully live every moment!”

We can all relate to the feeling of time slipping away from us at one point or another, and the struggle of trying to catch up with lost time instead of simply enjoying the moment.  

Mispoes! captures this notion perfectly (or purrfectly if you like puns!) literally showing us the classic idiom “a game of cat and mouse” and reminding us that we should celebrate getting lost in time, even just for a little while. 

Translated from Dutch, Mispoes! means “you missed, cat!” and is a phrase used when someone misses a catch or aiming a paper ball at the bin. The cat and mouse are trapped in an endless pursuit, with the cat never fast enough to trap the mouse - mispoes! 

Kaat followed in the footsteps of her teacher, Kristof Devos, designer of the ever-popular A perfectly useless afternoon to our London workshop to go over her design with our team.

After the design was finalised, our team got straight into producing all 200 pieces ahead of the release…

The dials for Mispoes! were all airbrushed by hand to create the textured grassy setting for the cat and mouse to play in.  

The design was also intricately printed layer by layer, with Mispoes! going through six different printing rounds in total.

Did you manage to get your paws on Mispoes!? 

If you missed it, you can sign up to our waiting list here. 

If you’re the cat that got the cream and are eagerly awaiting your watch, tag us in any pictures on social media @mrjoneswatches when it arrives!